Prices and Shipment

The price of each piece of jewelry depends on the effort for its creation and forms as a combination of the following
- Basic Price / Size Price - depends on the size: longest side <= 2cm 10 EUR, <=3cm 20 EUR, <=4cm 30 EUR; For Ear
Studs and Drop Earrings: for the second earring only the basic price needs to be paid (the nail art, decoration, etc. are
- Basic Colors: + 5 EUR
- NailArt and Drawing - depends on the effort: + 5-10 EUR
- Decoration - depends on the effort: + 5-20 EUR
- Discount for Sets - depends on the effort, size and count of the pieces: - 5- 50 EUR

Every piece of jewelry is normally made and shipped within 3 days after the reception of payment or until the specified
deadline in my offer (for Jewelry-Configurator-Orders). The packaging is for free.
In case you buy more items at once by clicking on the PayPal button, you’ll get a refund for the overpaid shipping costs.
- Shipments within Germany:
  DP Warensendung: Items up to 50g - 0,70 EUR; Items up to 500g - 1,65 EUR  
  DHL Päckchen: Items up to 2kg - 3,90 EUR (used only by bigger orders)
- EU and International Shipments: starting at 7 EUR (please ask in advance)
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