Jewelry Configurator
Here you can design your own jewelry or jewelry set as desired by you, so that it fits your mood, nail design or favorite
Please fill out the Selection Form, Send your Request and then wait for my Offer via email.

Ordering process - here is how it goes if you want to design your own jewelry or jewelry set using the
1. Determine the jewelry properties in the Selection Form and Send your Request.
2. Receive my Offer via email (in 1 to 48 hrs) with information about the jewelry price, manufacture time, shipment,
comments, etc..
3. Accept my Offer via email (in up to 48 hrs). (If you don’t confirm / reject the offer, your request will be cancelled)
4. Receive pictures of the jewelry, which is made especially for you, via email. (If the jewelry doesn’t meet you
expectations, your request will be cancelled)
5. Send payment via PayPal or bank transfer (see Imprint).
6. Receive your jewelry, which is normally shipped by Deutsche Post.
7. Use the Guestbook if desired.
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